Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When i was 5,I believed in sweets and chocolates.They brightened up my day with that wonderfully blissful feeling i get every time i popped one into my mouth until my teeth needed filling.I thought i could survive on them for the rest of my life.

When i was 7,I believed in my mom.She always tell me that i am the greatest girl in these world.She proud to be my mother as i am great daughter that she ever had.YES I DO!haha
Thank you mother!

When i was 9,I believed in Barbie.She occupied my free time,letting me comb her silky golden hair and dressing me up for all the glamorous events i imagined her attending.It's really cool yeahh.*Fairuzzia,did you remember?

When I was 13,I believed in crushes.They taste like candy floss with the same embracing sweetness and pinkish wonderland I dreamed myself and i know I did not have to worry about tooth decay.

When I was 15,I believed in love at the first sight.It was a kaleidoscope of colors<--i got this phrase while reading reader digest few months ago,fireworks lighting the starless sky,the i-know-you-will-be-there-for me feeling.To me love is a garden."With care,it blossoms!"

And now I am 18.I just believed my almighty god ALLAH.My SPM result.It's all depend on you ALLAH.I hope for flying colors result tomorrow.With your fully blessed ALLAH.Insya-Allah.

Dearest friends;pray for me =)


  1. wishing ur gud luck azwani zaini. .
    :)) insyallah ! u boleh. .boleh. .sure!! :))

  2. ofc i do.i won't forget.
    one of the best childhood memories,i could say.don't disagree (:

    good luck sweetheart <3